Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Saturday Highs and Lows

It was one of those cloudy Saturday mornings when Ruth and I raced to load the water and milk thermos, sugar, bananas, cold water jug, cups, and books needed for the Debrief Meeting. Soon after 7:00 a.m. we headed west in moderate traffic. The steering on our 10 year old vehicle seemed rough and I stopped to check the tires but noticed nothing unusual, and so proceeded to Scripture Union, arriving in record time. People were already there for other ministries and some helped us carry our stuff to the room we were assigned to use. Slowly our test teachers gathered. Following a short devotional on Psalm 78 led by Ruth, and a prayer time, we opened the meeting up for test teachers to share with us their highlights. Lazarus, a professional Kindergarten teacher himself, was one of the first to share about his class of 50 plus young children (Lower Primary). “Let me tell you, Lesson 3 “You Are Special” made such a difference. My students so loved to hear that they were created by God and were precious to Him!”  Lazarus continued, “they were so thrilled with the truth of this lesson that they all crowded around my desk after class and wanted to be near and touch me. Their academic performance has actually improved and I attribute it to the teaching of the Truth lessons!” We praised God as a group for that testimony and heard several other wonderful stories of other lives being touched. After tea, samosas, and bananas, we moved into debriefing/evaluating each lesson. Although numbers were small, good insights/suggestions were given for improving the modules they test taught. It was definitely a “high”—the best debrief we have had so far.
After packing up the car again, we headed home with two test teachers who live on our side of the city. After dropping them off, we realized we were very close to a garage where the mechanic we use for oil changes works. “Let's get the bumpy steering checked.” What a surprise when the mechanic quipped after inspecting the front wheel, “how did you get here with this wheel?” Making a long story short the mechanic searched Kampala and finally found a used front right brake caliper and brake pads. Things were put back together and 5 hours later, just as the sun was sinking, Ruth and I with lighter wallets wheeled our vehicle toward home. Despite the “low” of car trouble, we counted many blessing…including making it to the garage without accident and that the vehicle was once again in working order.


  1. Thank God for your safety and for the wonderful truths being taught to these children...........especially that they are special to God!

  2. Thankfully He is with us through all the "ups" and "downs" of life.